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What is Antifouling?

Life on the Gold Coast is enhanced when you can get out on the water and enjoy our beautiful waterways, but all boat owners are well aware of the ongoing maintenance and upkeep that must be done to ensure your vessel stays in good shape!

If your boat lives in the water, then you have to ensure that antifouling is done regularly, we would recommend every 12 months. Antifouling is the most effective way to ensure your vessel is protected against marine growth. It is a special type of boat paint that is used on the hull of boats to provide a protective layer between the seawater and your fibreglass or wooden hull.

Antifouling Gold Coast - Lightning Boat Builders

Benefits of Antofouling

If you are not sure if antifouling is really necessary for your vessel, check out our TOP 4 reasons to antifoul your vessel:

  • Speed
    • The maximum speed of your vessel decreases as its hull becomes fouled with a myriad of marine growth.
  • Bio Hazard
    • The vessel may transport harmful marine organisms to other areas, including back to your jetty.
  • Destruction of Hull
    • Marine growth can and will damage the hull of your vessel
  • Saves You Money
    • This is the big one! Regular maintenance including antifouling your vessel will definitely save you money in repairs and fuel over the long term.

Who Should You Choose to Antifoul Your Vessel?

Lightning Boat Builders should be your first choice. With over 30 years in the industry – you know our antifoul solutions will work!

The Lightning Boat Builders team uses and recommends International Antifoul and Juton Products. We prefer these products as we have found they have an extended life over other antifouling options that are currently on the market.

Along with the actual job of antifouling your vessel, an antifouling service with Lightning Boat Builders includes:

  • Checking all skin fittings and engine intakes for growth
  • Checking Anodes, Props, Trim Tabs and any other requests that you have for your vessel
  • Lift out and back in
  • waterblasting
  • TWO coats of antifoul
  • 3 days hardstand


    • Remember to bring your new vessel in to Lightning Boat Builders for an antifouling service before you begin your travels around the Gold Coast The first time antifouling is applied, your boat requires special preparation, so make sure you bring it to our qualified professionals.
    • Lightning Boat Builders will remove all of the old antifoul before applying two coats of new antifoul
    • If you think your boat is behaving a little sluggishly, your propeller might need an antifoul. Prevent growths on your running gear with Propspeed. Just ask us at Lightning Boat Builders to Propspeed your running gear when you bring your boat in for antifouling.
    • Let our team remove the years of buildup on your hull by sandblasting, prior to applying the right antifouling for your vessel!


Antifouling will not only protect your prized asset, it will also help it look its best. You can choose the colour you want, to match your vessel:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

Why wait? Book your next antifoul service with Lightning Boat Builders today!